Breaking Bad Locations

Location "Hamlin Hamlin & McGill (office)"

In real life: Sun Healthcare Group, Albuquerque

Better Call Saul episodes in which this location appears

1x07, 1x08, 1x09, 1x10, 2x02, 2x03, 2x04, 2x05, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 3x09, 3x10, 4x02, 4x06, 6x06, 6x07

Images of this location

  1. The Kettlemans talk to Kim.
  2. Kim is on the phone with Saul. Alternates with the previous scene.
  3. Saul gets the Kettleman files at HHM.
  4. Kim is back in her office.
  5. Kim gets a call in her office.
  6. Then there is a big meeting in the conference room.
  7. Saul meets with Hamlin in his office.
  8. Kim prepares the conference room, then all the lawyers have a meeting there.
  9. Chuck joins the lawyer meeting
  10. All the lawyers have a meeting
  11. Kim gets a call from Jimmy
  12. Jimmy talks to Kim
  13. ...and so is Kim
  14. Kim calls a bunch of people
  15. Kim is calling more people
  16. Kim and Howard have a meeting
  17. Kim gets a lousy assignment at work
  18. Kim is on the other end. Alternates with the previous shot
  19. James drops in on Kim
  20. Kim has a meeting with Howard
  21. Howard and Chuck meet with the Mesa Verde people. At the end of the meeting, the lobby is seen again.
  22. Howard and Chuck have a meeting with their insurance agency
  23. Howard gets a letter from Chuck
  24. Chuck has a meeting with the HHM board
  25. Kim meets with Howard
  26. Jimmy talks to Howard
  27. Howard meets his PI at HHM
  28. Jimmy and Kim have a picnic at HHM's garden
  29. HHM meets with the Sandpiper people