Breaking Bad Locations

Location "Hospital"

In real life: Gibson Medical Center

Breaking Bad episodes in which this location appears

2x03, 2x13, 3x08, 4x12

Better Call Saul episodes in which this location appears


Images of this location

  1. Walt wakes up in a hospital.
  2. Back to Walt's hospital room.
  3. Walt talks to someone at the hospital.
  4. Walt lies in his hospital bed.
  5. Walt is back at the hospital.
  6. Walt is ready to leave the hospital.
  7. Walt is admitted to the hospital.
  8. Jesse is released from the hospital, just when Hank gets in.
  9. Various scenes at the hospital.
  10. Jesse rushes to the hospital.
  11. Jesse is at the hospital again.
  12. Chuck is brought to the hospital
  13. Chuck is getting some checkups in the hospital
  14. Timelapse of the hospital, followed by interior shots