Breaking Bad Locations

Location "Kim’s apartment"

In real life: The Artisan Apartments

Better Call Saul episodes in which this location appears

5x02, 5x03, 5x04, 5x09, 5x10, 6x01, 6x05, 6x06, 6x08, 6x09

Images of this location

  1. Kim and Jimmy drive off from their apartment
  2. Jimmy arrives at home
  3. Kim gets home to Jimmy
  4. Jimmy leaves for work, Kim cleans up yesterday's mess
  5. Kim gets home in a cab
  6. Kim and Jimmy watch Lalo leave
  7. Jimmy and Kim leave their house to go to work
  8. Kim smokes on the balcony until Jimmy gets home
  9. Kim leaves the house
  10. Kim leaves her apartment
  11. Mike's team goes to Jimmy
  12. Kim is at home, Jimmy arrives