Breaking Bad Locations

Location "Loyola’s"

In real life: Loyola's, 4500 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque

Breaking Bad episodes in which this location appears

4x06, 5x02

Better Call Saul episodes in which this location appears

1x01, 1x05, 1x07, 2x05, 2x09, 3x04, 4x03, 4x04

Images of this location

  1. Mike and Jesse eat at a restaurant.
  2. Jesse and Mike eat together again.
  3. Mike meets with Lydia.
  4. Saul has a meeting with two potential clients.
  5. Mike is eating at a diner.
  6. Saul talks to the Kettlemans.
  7. Mike gets an offer from a familiar face
  8. Mike is at his favorite diner
  9. Mike and Jimmy have breakfast together at a familiar restaurant
  10. Mike and Jimmy meet at a well-known diner
  11. Mike meets his friend