Breaking Bad Locations

Location "Gus’s laundry service"

In real life: Delta Uniform & Linens, Albuquerque

Breaking Bad episodes in which this location appears

3x02, 3x05, 3x06, 3x08, 3x10, 3x12, 3x13, 4x05, 4x06, 4x09, 4x11, 4x12, 4x13

Better Call Saul episodes in which this location appears

3x06, 4x05, 4x07, 4x09, 6x06, 6x07, 6x08

Images of this location

  1. Gus gets a phone call in the laundry place.
  2. Gus shows Walt the superlab.
  3. Walt starts work in his new lab.
  4. Walt works in the lab.
  5. Walt and Jesse arrive at the laundromat.
  6. Jesse gets back to the lab.
  7. Walt and Jesse finally get out of the lab.
  8. Walt waits for Jesse at the lab.
  9. Walt arrives at the lab.
  10. Walt is taken to the laundromat.
  11. Short timelapse of the laundry service building.
  12. Jesse waits for Walt and the laundromat.
  13. Walt leads out the cleaning ladies.
  14. Walt and Jesse talk outside the laundromat.
  15. A truck drives away from the laundromat.
  16. Walt leaves the laundromat.
  17. Walt and Hank drive past the laundromat.
  18. Walt sneaks into the laundromat.
  19. The DEA investigates the laundromat.
  20. Walt and Jesse burn down the lab.
  21. Gus takes a look at some familiar property
  22. The man checks out the laundromat
  23. Werner is shown the laundromat
  24. The Germans arrive at the laundromat
  25. The Germans are hard at work
  26. Work is being done at the laundromat
  27. Mike is at the laundromat
  28. Lalo watches the laundromat from the sewer
  29. Lalo makes a video message to Don Eladio
  30. Lalo enters the laundromat
  31. Gus arrives at the laundromat