Breaking Bad Locations

Location "White residence"

In real life: 3828 Piermont Drive Northeast, Albuquerque

Breaking Bad episodes in which this location appears

1x01, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 2x01, 2x02, 2x03, 2x04, 2x05, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 2x10, 2x12, 2x13, 3x01, 3x02, 3x03, 3x04, 3x11, 3x12, 3x13, 4x01, 4x06, 4x10, 4x12, 4x13, 5x04, 5x08, 5x09, 5x10, 5x11, 5x12, 5x14, 5x15

Images of this location

  1. Evening shot of the White residence
  2. Exterior shot of the house after the baby shower
  3. Another evening shot of the White residence, followed by Walt sitting in the garden
  4. Morning shot of the White house
  5. Skylar and Walt Jr. are painting a room.
  6. Hank and Marie are barbecuing at Walt and Skylar.
  7. Jesse drops by Walt's house.
  8. The family is having breakfast.
  9. Walt arrives at home.
  10. Evening shot of the house.
  11. At the baby shower, Walt and Hank have a drink in the garden.
  12. Several black and white shots of the White residence.
  13. Walt and Skylar are at home.
  14. Walt arrives home at night.
  15. Hank visits Skylar.
  16. Walt rushes home.
  17. Jesse is waiting outside Walt's house.
  18. Hank arrives at Walt's house.
  19. Walt and Marie are at Skylar's house.
  20. Walt breaks into his own house.
  21. A cleaning crew is busy in the back yard.
  22. The family has breakfast, then Skylar suddenly leaves.
  23. Skylar comes back home.
  24. Skylar leaves the house.
  25. Skylar leaves the house again.
  26. Walt arrives home.
  27. Skylar gets a phone call at home.
  28. The guys get home.
  29. Morning shot of the White residence.
  30. Night-to-day timelapse.
  31. Various black and white shots of the backyard.
  32. There's a party in Walt's honor.
  33. Walt is working in the house.
  34. Walt drops off money at home.
  35. The family has dinner in the garden.
  36. Marie visits the family.
  37. Walt takes his phone call outside.
  38. A bunch of B&W shots, later turning to color.
  39. Walt gets a call from Jesse.
  40. Walt is driving towards home.
  41. Skylar leaves the house.
  42. Walt sits in the backyard.
  43. Walt is in the garden.
  44. Hank visits Walt.
  45. Skylar and Walt Jr. have breakfast.
  46. Walt drops off Walt Jr.
  47. Hank and Marie are over for dinner.
  48. Walt brings pizza home.
  49. Mike plants bugs in the White residence.
  50. Walt is occupying the house.
  51. Skylar comes home.
  52. Mike removes the bugs.
  53. Walt and Skylar talk
  54. Walt Jr. comes home.
  55. Walt leaves his house in the night.
  56. Skylar checks on Walt's car.
  57. Walt takes a cab to his house.
  58. Walt and Walt Jr. have breakfast.
  59. Walt Jr. comes home in his new car.
  60. Skylar comes home to see Walt Jr.'s new car.
  61. Walt Jr. discovers his new car.
  62. The DEA comes for the Walt Family.
  63. Walt drives home, then sneaks in from the back yard.
  64. Shot of the garden.
  65. Walt and Walt Jr. arrive at home in their new cars.
  66. Skylar comes home.
  67. Walt is at home.
  68. The whole family is in the garden.
  69. Skylar talks to Walt in the back yard.
  70. The family is sitting in the garden.
  71. Flash-forward to a couple of skaters skating in the back yard of the White residence, then Walt shows up.
  72. Hank gets back from the bathroom.
  73. The family has dinner.
  74. Hank and Marie are at Skylar's.
  75. Timelapse of the White residence.
  76. Jesse shows up at Walt's house.
  77. Walt comes home to an empty house.
  78. Walt tries to clean the house, then Skylar comes home.
  79. Flashback to Jesse at Walt's house.
  80. Skylar and Walt Jr. drive home.
  81. Todd intimidates Skylar.